Gun Control and the Death of Personal Responsibility

Earlier today, Deion Sanders was asked about the shootings in San Bernadino, Calif. In response, he said that guns aren’t picking up themselves and pulling triggers on their own; people are doing that.

Ponder the wisdom of Neon Deion for a moment.

Guns are inanimate objects. They cannot do harm to anyone unless they are first activated by a person. So the responsibility for gun violence cannot rest upon the guns themselves.  Rather, the responsibility must rest upon the people who use them.

Despite the axiomatic simplicity of this notion, liberal politicians race to the nearest microphones every time a mass shooting occurs to bemoan the accessibility of guns – overlooking the fact that in neighboring Mexico, where all guns are banned, the drug cartels have as much firepower in some places as the military.

In short, no gun control law will ever protect the people completely. If the Mexicans are incapable of keeping guns from entering their country, why do liberals think that we will do any better keeping guns out of our country?  (It’s not like we actually have a commitment to border control or anything like that.)

Even if we could seal our borders to keep guns from coming into our fair land, that wouldn’t prevent a terrorist from using a pipe bomb, a truck filled with fertilizer and diesel fuel, or a few box-cutters on an airplane to bring calamity to our citizens.  Yesterday, the San Bernadino terrorists used pipe bombs (fortunately, to no avail).

Nevertheless, despite the utter futility in passing gun restrictions, liberals always blame guns whenever mass shootings happen.  They hardly ever blame the perpetrators. (Or if they do actually mention the perpetrators, it is almost always to blame the perpetrator’s mental illness – and not the perpetrator himself.)

The responses of liberal politicians to acts of violence make perfect sense when we recognize that liberalism and personal responsibility are now mutually-exclusive concepts.

In the eyes of liberalism, nobody is truly responsible for his or her actions anymore.

  • When a man and woman create a baby that they do not want to accept responsibility for, abortion is encouraged.
  • When minimum-wage workers lament their poverty, instead of being told to suck it up, to do an excellent job, and to ready themselves for promotion (like every other person who ever started work at minimum wage), liberals promise them $15.00 per hour just to maintain the status quo.

Simply put, liberals want the government to baby everyone — so that when we citizens misbehave, the government can take our guns, our money, and our property just as any parent would take an unruly child’s toys.

It’s time for America to grow up.

This is a tough world we live in. There are people who want to destroy our way of life just because we stand for freedom. Therefore, we must take personal responsibility for our own actions and for the people we are charged to protect.

Yesterday, the police of San Bernadino performed valiantly in the face of danger. Even though it took only four minutes for police to respond — which is very quick — fourteen people were already dead before they arrived.

When the police are not there to save us, we must be ready to respond. We must be able to take responsibility for the safety and welfare of ourselves and our families.  That means having concealed carry laws to enable law-abiding citizens to bring their own security to public places.

But we simply cannot do that if the government thinks we, the people, are incapable of having that responsibility. And as long as we facilitate that notion of victim mentality – by lobbying for every goody that government can provide at the expense of someone else – we will continue to foster that paternalistic mentality that says Washington must be in complete control of our lives.

And if Washington is in complete control of our lives, then we will never be totally safe or totally free.


Mourning All the Victims of Colorado Springs

Yesterday, three families in Colorado Springs learned that their loved ones had been brutally murdered by a psychopath at an abortion clinic.

Earlier today, President Obama spoke about the need for gun control in light of yesterday’s shootings.  Now that the President has commented about this situation, I believe that it is timely for others, such as myself, to comment about related political issues without fear of appearing insensitive.

We do not know if the assailant was doing this because of a specific hatred for abortion or for Planned Parenthood. He may have. But then again, his actions may have been a random act of violence. Or simply put, he may have been nuts.

We may never know what his reasons are. But what we do know are these facts:

  1. The decisions this gunman made yesterday at the clinic were abhorrent, immoral, and evil. Innocent people lost their lives at the clinic, and the contributions that these people would have made to society are now forever lost.
  1. The decisions that Planned Parenthood makes every day at the clinic are abhorrent, immoral, and evil. Innocent children lost their lives at the clinic, and the contributions that these children would have made to society are now forever lost.

We should condemn the killings that occurred yesterday at Planned Parenthood. The people who were shot and killed didn’t deserve to die. By that same token, neither did the unborn children who also died at that very clinic during the ordinary course of business.

So as we mourn for the victims of yesterday’s senseless violence, let’s not forget about the other, nameless victims who have also died at this clinic.